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Glenn - Pharmacist - Owner

Glenn graduated from Sydney University in 1985. After graduation he worked as a locum pharmacist in NSW. He moved to Northern Queensland for 5 years which included an appointment as the Director of Pharmacy at Mount Isa Base Hospital. He then moved to Gerringong in 1991 to work at Wishart’s Pharmacy. 

In 1993 he completed his Post Graduate Studies in Applied Computers with University of Central Queensland. In 1997 Glenn qualified to be an Accredited Pharmacist, which allows him to perform specialised services like Home Medicines Reviews. 

In 2002 he studied with the Australian College of Natural and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM) which broadened his interest in concepts of Functional Nutrition and Herbal Medicine. Other activities include 5 years as President of the Illawarra Pharmacists Association and 3 years as a member of the Kiama Council Economic Development Committee.

Glenn continues to be an active member of Gerringong Surf Life Saving Club, enjoys swimming, bike riding, playing guitar and tending to our vegie garden.

Alvina - Pharmacist

Alvina is a Fellow of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine and a MINDD practitioner.

She earned her degree in Pharmacy from the University of Sydney in 1998.  She is a board certified Anti-Aging Medicine Health Practitioner and has completed her certification in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine with the Australasian College of Nutritional & Environment Medicine. She has also completed her training with the American Nutrition Association and is a certified Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist.

Alvina is passionate about healthy eating and loves to keep physically fit. She particularly enjoys resistance training and high intensity interval training (HIIT) as part of her active lifestyle. In 2019, she was awarded overall championship in the NatBod Bodysport natural bodybuilding competition. She then gained placing in the Regional, NSW State and National levels of iCompete Natural Australia.

Her keen interest in sports and nutrition led Alvina to complete certifications in both Science of Nutrition and Training the Physique Athletewith the Clean Health Fitness Institute of Australia in 2019. 

Since 2009, she’s been training with the MINDD foundation for paediatric special needs, and as of May 2021 Alvina has completed her advanced training on personalising nutrition with the BioIndividual Nutrition Institute. She is a certified BioIndividual Nutrition Consultant. 

Charlene - Pharmacist

Charlene is a thoughtful and dedicated pharmacist committed to providing quality patient care with integrity and compassion. She brings over seven years of experience to Gerringong Pharmacy including prior knowledge of safety compliance, advanced clinical knowledge and world class patient-centred care.

Charlene began her career as a pharmacist in the Philippines but recently decided to pursue advancing her career by practicing her profession in Australia.

With commitment to development, Charlene began her postgraduate study for her Master’s degree in Pharmacy at Centro Escolar University which provided her with great insight and theoretical knowledge which further complimented her hands on experience. She initially gained experience in the country’s premier hospital, St Luke’s Medical Center where she garnered the skill set and values to offer the best standard of care to every patient. From there, she then worked for one of the top biopharmaceutical companies in the industry, Pfizer, wherein she was able to explore a different facet of pharmacy involving data analysis and research work.

Charlene or known as “Charlie” by the local community, with her cheerful personality, strives to apply her learnings and knowledge in a community pharmacy setting where she can make more of a difference on a daily and personal basis.

Matt - Pharmacist

Michael - Pharmacist Student

After earning my master’s degree in pharmacy from the University of Technology Sydney, I entered the pharmaceutical world to explore my passion for health and wellbeing. 

In addition to my primary job functions, I was recognised by my peers for my proactive attitude my punctuality, and my willingness to step outside my comfort zone.  I am passionate about medicine and fitness I particularly have an interest in weight loss and fitness goals.

Our pharmacists are ready for you to contact us for all your healthcare needs.  Contact us today for all enquiries.

Fast dispensing

Do you want a convenient monthly reminder before your medicines have run out?  Or perhaps you'd like to find out how many repeats you have left? Or do you need some general pharmacy items?

With the MedAdvisor app and Gerringong Pharmacy - convenient medicines and ordering management is a breeze! Watch the video below to see how it works. 

Use the Medadvisor App to upload your script directly to our pharmacy.  If you do not have the app simply call us on 02 4234 1333 and we will send you a personalised link to set the app up on your chosen device.

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